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Creating Wealth Through Real Estate

Invest with Confidence

Our success and the success of our investors is rooted in a uniquely long-term approach to real estate investing, which creates wealth that spans generations. We are specialists in the development, acquisition and management of self storage and manufactured housing communities nationwide. Our portfolio includes self-storage assets that we built and have managed since the 1970s. With decades of experience and expertise, we optimize returns for our investors and preserve wealth that can be passed down through generations.

Our Investment Goal

We aim to return your principal investment as quickly as possible, thereby creating an infinite yield. Once the principal has been returned, you are free to invest it again while continuing to receive income for the life of the investment. By repeating this approach, your wealth compounds over time.

Investment Strategy

We maintain a wealth-creating approach to investing by purchasing properties we intend to hold for the long term. We believe that the appreciation and tax benefits of long-term real estate investments greatly exceed what may be accomplished in the short term. Selling at a predetermined milestone increases the risk of your investment portfolio by creating a taxable event and replacing stable investments with speculative ones.

We spend a great deal of time identifying beneficial deals—deals that will have a lot of competition and require expertise to win. Once we acquire a property, we leverage our keen understanding of the market and work diligently to optimize its value and returns.

Current Investment Opportunities

Vero Beach Offering

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